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Welcome to Dr. Vyas Super Specialty Sexology Clinic (Team of Doctors)

M.S.(Sexologist), P.G. Diploma (Sexology), Ph.D (Sexology), P.G.D.P.G.&C.(Psy), M-ASECT (Sexology), M-CSEP (INTERNATIONAL), M-IAPP(Psychology), Double ( PGD), DSC(Sexology)

Welcome to Sexology Dr. Vyas Super Specialty Sexology Clinic (Team of Doctors) are the World’s Best & Top most, Famous, Reputed, Authentic & Scientific & Health Doctor in India. Dr. Vyas is one of the best sexology in  India. He believes that every individual should have the courage to voice their issues and seek help in sexual matters. It is his mission to create a society where sexual disorders do not get people tongue-tied. Dr. Vyas always updates himself with latest findings and treatment options by attending international webinars. He patient the most recent and scientifically approved to fix different male sexual issues in minimal time frame. Get in touch with us now to get best sexual health. He is the most referred sexologist in India, the best in the field with an unmatchable success record who has successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from dysfunction and saved countless relationships from being thrown into the fire.  Happy to have treated more than 4 Lakh Patients with overwhelming success rate. We stay with you throughout your treatment with regular follow ups. We are providing Online and offline consultation.

Participation in several sexology conferences presentation of research paper. Many patients preferes online consultation Dr. Vyas Super Specialty Sexology Clinic . I t is unique in the world it has highly qualified serologist effective and safe treatment for the patient.

सभी तरह की बात गोपनीय रखी जाती है


Sexual Problems in Men

Male Infertility Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction

Premature Ejaculation

Penile Implants


Low Sperm Count

Night Fall Treatment

Female Sex Problems​



Best Sexologist in India & the World

Observing a Sexologist Near You has never been a simple undertaking. Be that as it may, since the time COVID 19 Pandemic began, it has become more troublesome yet straightforward than any other time in recent memory. Patients who were more disposed towards looking for Sexologist Near Me and Sexologist Near My Location are currently looking for Sexologist Online Consultation and Sexologist WhatsApp Number.
The famous inquiry of Sexologist Clinic Near Me and Sexologist Doctors Near Me is currently sometimes being supplanted by Best Sexologist in the World and Best Sexologist Paid Online Consultations.
Obviously there are benefits and negative marks of online interview for sex yet assuming you observe the Famous Ayurvedic Sexologist Near You who has huge involvement with treating your Male Sex Problems then clearly you can have the smartest possible solution at a hint of a button.
Before COVID Pandemic began, Dr. Vyas Super Specialty Sexology Clinic (Team of doctor) were exceptionally specific in giving Online Consultations. Online Consultations were solely for patients who were from different areas of India like Lucknow, Indore, Pune, Mumbai, Jalgaon, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Jaipur and so on or from various regions of the planet like USA, UK, Australia, Russia, America, Gulf countries, South Africa , Canada different part of globe and some more.
Yet, considering the wellbeing of the patient and specialists, they have now opened the course of online interviews for everybody. Regardless assuming you are from Delhi NCR districts or from different states or urban areas like Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Dehradun and so on or even from places like UAE, Hongkong, South Africa and so forth.

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